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Colorado Wildlife Control Operators Association: “Providing Solutions to Colorado’s Nuisance Wildlife Problems”

CWCOA is a mutual benefit, non-profit, incorporated state trade association whose mission is to help individuals, businesses and agencies in the wildlife damage control industry to resolve human/wildlife conflicts through cooperation, education, training, influence, professionalism and service.
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Calendar of Events, 2017-2018

Aug 25-27 Colorado Trappers & Predator Hunters Association Annual Convention & Rendezvous,

Colorado Youth Outdoors Facility, Fort Collins, CO


Jan 18-19 24th Annual WCT Seminar,

Cincinnati Airport, KY


Jan 31-Feb 1 NWCOA Wildlife Expo 2018,

New Orleans, LA


Feb 7-8 CTPHA Fur Auction,

Lincoln Co. Fairgrounds, Hugo


Feb 9 14th Annual CWCOA Conference,

Denver, CO

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Industry News

Tim Julien Obituary

Marvin Miller Obituary

Critter Corner

Coyote Biology Part 2: The Rest of the Story
(Vol 2, Art 2, April, 2013) Provided by Claude Oleyar
Article Added 8-12-2017

Coyotes are incredibly adaptable and resilient.  They have expanded their range/distribution from the central plains and southwest deserts of North America in pre-colonial times to all 48 contiguous states and from the northern tip of Alaska to the isthmus of Panama …
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