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Colorado Wildlife Control Operators Association: “Providing Solutions to Colorado’s Nuisance Wildlife Problems”

CWCOA is a mutual benefit, non-profit, incorporated state trade association whose mission is to help individuals, businesses and agencies in the wildlife damage control industry to resolve human/wildlife conflicts through cooperation, education, training, influence, professionalism and service.
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Calendar of Events, 2017-2018

Aug 25-27 Colorado Trappers & Predator Hunters Association Annual Convention & Rendezvous,

Colorado Youth Outdoors Facility, Fort Collins, CO


Jan 18-19 24th Annual WCT Seminar,

Cincinnati Airport, KY


Jan 31-Feb 1 NWCOA Wildlife Expo 2018,

New Orleans, LA


Feb 7-8 CTPHA Fur Auction,

Lincoln Co. Fairgrounds, Hugo


Feb 9 14th Annual CWCOA Conference,

Denver, CO

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Industry News

Tim Julien Obituary

Marvin Miller Obituary

Critter Corner

Learn Interesting Facts About Voles in Denver, CO (and How You Can Protect Your Lawn Against Vole Damage)
(January 26th, 2017) Provided by Wilson Christner

Article Added 6-7-2017

Now is the time to start protecting your lawn so that it can be lush and full of life this Spring. You may have noticed some unsightly tracks running through your grass after the last major snow storm…
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