Critter Corner

Young Boy Dies From Rabies in Florida
Provided by Claude Oleyar
Article Added 2-19-2018
Editor’s note: This article is included to emphasize the importance of WCOs educating themselves, their employees and their customers about the very real danger of rabies. Since WCOs routinely handle animals that may carry the rabies virus, getting a rabies vaccination may prove to be very wise. Developing literature to leave behind with customers may also be a good practice.
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Key Tips & Tricks for Keeping your Home Rodent Free
(April 5th, 2017) Provided by Wilson Christner
Article Added 9-26-2017

Rental properties could be a target for rodent infestation. These vermin are popular for causing damage to your property, spreading disease, and spoiling food. As a landowner, if you leave this issue unresolved, you’ll end up losing your tenants. It is important to address rodent concerns from several every angle for optimal control. Here are some of the best ways to keep your home in Denver rodent-free.
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Coyote Biology Part 2: The Rest of the Story
(Vol 2, Art 2, April, 2013) Provided by Claude Oleyar
Article Added 8-12-2017

Coyotes are incredibly adaptable and resilient.  They have expanded their range/distribution from the central plains and southwest deserts of North America in pre-colonial times to all 48 contiguous states and from the northern tip of Alaska to the isthmus of Panama …
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Coyote Biology Part 1: The Life of Coyotes
(Vol 2, Art 1, April, 2013) Provided by Claude Oleyar
Article Added 7-11-2017

The life of a coyote over the course of a year can be separated roughly into four phases or seasons:  1) courting/breeding:  predominantly January – February; 2) gestation/whelping:   March – April (generally 63 days); 3) pup rearing:  May – August; 4) dispersal:  September – December.  By December most pups of the year have reached adult size and weight although some won’t reach peak size for two years or more.
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Learn Interesting Facts About Voles in Denver, CO (and How You Can Protect Your Lawn Against Vole Damage)
(January 26th, 2017) Provided by Wilson Christner

Article Added 6-7-2017

Now is the time to start protecting your lawn so that it can be lush and full of life this Spring. You may have noticed some unsightly tracks running through your grass after the last major snow storm…
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Wildlife Conflicts: Best Methods for Resolving Human-Wildlife Conflicts
(Vol. 1, Art. 2, June, 2011) Provided by Claude Oleyar
Article Added 5-22-2017

What can be done to prevent, reduce or resolve wildlife conflicts or damage?  Here are some pointers on methods we use and recommend ….
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Keep Squirrels Out of Your Denver, CO Attic (and What to Do if They Are Already Inside)
(October 20th, 2016) Provided by Wilson Christner
Article Added 4-27-2017

It’s that time of year again… The leaves have already changed and begun to fall. With the warmer days of summer behind us, bushy-tailed friends may seek out your attic for a cozy winter home.
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Urban Wildlife Escalation: The Modern Urban Wildlife Escalation Phenomenon
(Vol. 1, Art. 1, June, 2011) Provided by Claude Oleyar
Article Added 4-27-2017

Historically, human encroachment on wildlife habitat and loss of habitat have had a significant negative impact on many wildlife species in North America.  By the late 1800’s, many notable species were near extinction.
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