13th Annual CWCOA Conference a Success!

Our annual CWCOA Conference, February 10, 2017, was well received by over 50 enthusiastic attendees. Once again, we had a great line-up of speakers, topics and agency reps. Our keynote speaker, Michael Beran, General Organizer for NWCOA, gave a good overview of the industry, especially in light of the modern mindset. We definitely are in a fast-growing, cutting-edge industry. The future is bright! Michael also gave excellent presentations on direct marketing and infrared imaging. Dr Jennifer House, State Public Health Veterinarian, gave her usual superb presentation on Colorado zoonotic diseases. Very helpful! Could listen to her all day.

Randy and Lori Engel, R&L Airguns, Pueblo, showed us all the latest in airguns and airgun applications for wildlife control. You’ll want at least one in your arsenal. Brandon Harvey brought us up to date on applications of lethal devices for non-furbearer rodents in light of the new CPW rules interpretation.

The agency updates were all informative. We were able to provide 4 CECs. Liza Hunholz, Denver AWM, CPW, is now our official liaison person. She and Bob Thompson, Lead Investigator, provided great dialog on all things CPW. He and Martin Lowney, State Director, USDA-WS-APHIS, were able to be with us all day. Both have a real passion for our industry and a wealth of knowledge. Both are great allies.

For the first time we had two vendor booths, both excellent: R&L Airguns and Pest Management Supply. We again had an abundance of door prizes donated by vendors/suppliers from across the country. Our new venue, DoubleTree by Hilton Denver, was a big improvement over the previous ones.

All in all, it was a jam-packed, fun, educational day. If you weren’t there, you missed a good one! Next year promises to be even better. We’ll again have the best speakers, even more door prizes and several more vendors. We may offer a NWCOA Certified training course in conjunction. Your suggestions on the conference and what to offer are welcome. We’ll keep you informed. Plan now to join us!